Our apprenticeships are specially designed work-based programmes that provide invaluable insight into what each job at Bluestone entails. Apprentices train alongside our staff members, gaining industry knowledge while building a support network.

Bluestone is a place where people flourish

And we’re committed to nurturing talent and helping everyone achieve their potential.

The new apprenticeship programmes provide a wide variety of opportunities, ranging from entry-level qualifications in areas such as Business Administration, Customer Service, Hospitality, Retail and Accommodation Services, to Higher Apprenticeships in Leadership and Management or specialised areas.

The work-based programmes have been designed to ensure you’re equipped with all the skills you need to develop both personally and professionally in your chosen career. Gaining experience and training working alongside our staff members will provide invaluable insight into the job role, as well as offering a support network with vast knowledge to help you perform at your very best.

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