Blue Lagoon

One of our most popular attractions, the Blue Lagoon team play a vital part in delivering a fun, happy and safe waterpark to splash in.

Do you pride yourself on your leisure skills?

The Blue Lagoon is one of our most popular facilities. If you enjoy working in leisure roles, then consider helping the Blue Lagoon team run our pool to the highest standards.

Icon with a shape of a palm
Icon with a shape of a palm

What skills do you need for the Blue Lagoon team?

  • Energetic

    Blue Lagoon is busy - you’ll need bundles of energy, whether you’re helping on reception, lifeguarding or keeping the facility spotless.

  • Focused

    It’s essential to stay focused and be observant, to ensure the safety of our pool users at all time.

  • Teamwork

    Running the Blue Lagoon is a team effort – you must be a strong team player willing to support other members.

What positions are there in the Blue Lagoon team?

Explore the range of positions we have within the Blue Lagoon team and find the right role for you.

  • Lifeguard

  • Senior Lifeguard

  • Blue Lagoon Housekeeper

  • Blue Lagoon Manager on Duty

  • Blue Lagoon Manager

Father playing with child in the pool
Father playing with child in the pool
Blurred slide
“I like being part of the Bluestone staff community, there is a great team spirit and the management support us to develop in our roles and as individuals is fantastic”

Daniel Stace,


Our latest vacancies in the Blue Lagoon team

Therapist doing massage
Therapist doing massage

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