Bartender smiling
Bartender smiling

Food & Beverage

If you’re sociable by nature and love meeting new people, a role in hospitality is for you. A friendly approach is key for our Food & Beverage team.

Do you pride yourself on your hospitality skills?

We look for individuals with a friendly, pleasant manner and are attentive to customer needs. If you’re sociable and enjoy serving others, we’ve plenty of customer-facing positions within our Food and Beverage team.

Icon with a shape of cutlery
Icon with a shape of cutlery

What skills do you need for the Food & Beverage team?

  • Customer focused

    You deliver the highest customer service standards, ensuring guests are happy, content and have everything they need.

  • Friendly

    You’re warm, kind and easily approachable. You know how to make our guests feel welcome.

  • Enthusiastic

    You love to go above and beyond to deliver the best customer experience. You’re passionate about our food and beverage offering.

What positions are there in the Food and Beverage team?

Explore the range of positions we have within the Accommodation Services team and find the right role for you.

  • F&B Assistant

  • Bartender

  • Barista

  • F&B Supervisor

  • F&B Outlet Manager

  • F&B Duty Manager

  • Head of Food and Beverage

Hamburger in the plate
Hamburger in the plate
Bartender smiling
Bartender smiling while is taking a beer
“There is always someone nearby, holding out their hand to help you! The teamwork I have experienced is like no other... Together we have learnt to overcome, re-adjust and keep each other strong, even through the really challenging moments.”

Steph Garratt,

Junior Outlet Manager

Our latest vacancies in the Food & Beverage team

Woman in a golf cart
Woman in a golf cart

Enjoy making others comfy?

You might be interested in our Accommodation Services team

By maintaining accommodation to the highest standard, you’ll ensure guests are feeling as comfortable as possible.

Learn more about Accommodation Services

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