Man reparing a lamp
Man reparing a lamp


Our Maintenance team ensure our resort’s accommodation and facilities are always safe, secure and functional for guests and employees to enjoy.

Do you pride yourself on your maintenance skills?

The Maintenance team play an important part in ensuring our resort and facilities are always safe, secure and operating correctly. Making sure guests are comfortable and taken good care of is paramount to us here at Bluestone.

Icon with a shape of tools
Icon with a shape of tools

What skills do you need for the Maintenance team?

  • Problem solver

    You spot and identify problems - and you quickly find solutions to fix them.

  • Teamwork

    Our resort is a large site with lots of facilities. You’ll be a part of a team that works together and shares duties evenly.

  • Adaptable

    You’re able to effortlessly flex and adapt to any maintenance issue. You’re completely focused and unphased.

What positions are there in the Maintenance team?

Explore the range of positions we have within the Maintenance team and find the right role for you.

  • Maintenance Assistant

  • Maintenance Technician – Electrician

  • Maintenance Technician – Plumbing

  • Maintenance Technician – Carpenter

  • Maintenance Technician – Groundswork

  • Maintenance Supervisor

  • Facilities Manager

Man smiling
Man smiling
House in the forest
House in the forest
“Working with Bluestone's maintenance department has been a great experience. I enjoy being able to work on different tasks day to day and being able to do that in a happy, positive environment within the background always helps.”

Jason Director,

Maintenance Tech

Our latest vacancies in the Maintenance team

Woman in a golf cart smiling
Woman in a golf cart smiling

Enjoy working outdoors?

You might be interested in our Environmental team

Our environmental team help to maintain and protect our resort’s beauty as they work amongst stunning scenery.

Learn more about Environmental

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