Bluestone Serendome roof
Bluestone Serendome roof


Our Projects team are continuously thinking of exciting ways to further develop our unique place in Pembrokeshire, serving our wonderful guests even better than ever.

Do you pride yourself on your project skills?

Our Projects team plan, execute and deliver new initiatives that further develop our unique place in Pembrokeshire. If you have a passion for innovation and project management, we’ve several positions to suit you.

Icon with a shape of a gear
Icon with a shape of a gear

What skills do you need for the Projects team?

  • Problem solver

    You love a good challenge and can quickly and effectively solve any project-related issue.

  • Organised

    You can organise and execute multiple initiatives simultaneously. You keep track of progress and documentation.

  • Time management

    You manage your time well, working to project timeframes and deadlines. You always stick to schedule.

What positions are there in the Projects team?

Explore the range of positions we have within the Projects team and find the right role for you.

  • Project Management Assistant

  • Projects Coordinator

  • Project Manager

  • Clerk of Works

  • Head of Projects

park of activities with people playing
park of activities with people playing
Projectist drawing a project
Projectist drawing a project
“Working within the Projects team means that each day is varied... It’s not a regular 9-5 job and I feel really proud knowing that I’ve played a part in the end result of a project, especially when we receive great reviews.”

Darren Phillips,

Clerk of Works

Our latest vacancies in the Projects team

landscape of a lake
landscape of a lake

Enjoy working with numbers?

You might be interested in our Finance team

Problem-solving skills, analytical thinking and a commercial awareness are key qualities we look for in Finance.

Learn more about Finance

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