Entertainer entertaining people
Entertainer entertaining people


From acrobatics to cirque and playing one of our much-loved Bluestone characters, if you’re a born performer then a job in our Entertainment team is calling you.

Do you pride yourself on your performance skills?

We want to leave our guests spellbound - and we want them to leave with lasting memories, too. Our Entertainment team create a world full of magic and wonder, allowing audiences to escape the everyday.

Icon with a shape of masks
Icon with a shape of masks

What skills do you need for the Entertainment team?

  • Energetic

    You’ll need to bring plenty of energy to each one of your performances. We want guests to be in awe every time.

  • Outgoing

    Charismatic, confident and full of charm – you’ll need to be able to pull the audience in and keep them engaged.

  • Caring

    A kind, gentle and caring nature is important. Our guests have varied reasons for their visits to Bluestone, so you’ll want to go above and beyond to make their dreams come true.

What positions are there in the Entertainment team?

Explore the range of positions we have within the Entertainment team and find the right role for you.

  • Entertainer

  • Christmasland Character

  • Santa

  • Production Stage Assistant

  • Production Supervisor

  • Entertainment Manager on Duty

  • Theatre Manager on Duty

  • Entertainment Manager

Woman smiling
Woman smiling
Blurred activities park
Woman with butterfly wings
“Bluestone holds a special place in my heart, after working here since 2015, it has helped me grow in confidence. Bluestone has given me the chance to build and develop my skills as a performer.”

Lucy Longden,


Our latest vacancies in the Entertainment team

Lifeguard looking to the pool
Lifeguard looking to the pool

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